Course Open with 1 temporary green

Junior Captain Billy Shingler
Weekdays – No restriction other than Bank Holidays (Saturday
playing times apply), or when major competitions are held or
when the course is closed.
Saturdays – Generally commence play after 1.00pm, except that
juniors with a handicap 0-28 may tee off between 10.30 – 11.30.
Sundays – Generally play will commence after 2.00pm. Except
when winter rules are in force when play may commence after
All juniors to play competitions in 2 or 3 balls. Wherever
possible, and at the Junior Organiser’s discretion, an adult should
accompany groups containing beginners to reduce the risk of
slow play.
Juniors in competitions will play strictly to the rules of golf;
providing they keep their place on the course, play will be
continuous. Competition rules - See notes (h) and (j).
All junior boys/girls with handicaps of 0-28 and 0-40 respectively
may play in Gents/Ladies qualifying competitions unless
stipulated otherwise in the Diary. For junior boys with a
handicap 0-12 and girls with a handicap 0-28, restrictions on
playing times are waived, and they are entitled to mark a Full
Playing Member’s card.
Juniors playing in Full Members competitions do so for
handicapping purposes only. They cannot win trophies, prizes or
sweep, and cannot qualify for the Masters’ Trophy or for Trophy
winner’s events save for the Club Championship. Junior boys
with handicaps category 1 & 2 may enter this competition and
win the Trophy.
Entry will be free for these competitions.
Albert Smith Memorial Cup Knock-out Competition for the
Winners & Runners-up in each division of the Winter League.
Played off white markers. No substitutes allowed
Alliance Cup 18-Hole Alliance Medal. Handicap Allowance 90%
Armistice Day Trophy* 18-Hole Stableford played over two days
Balmford Bowl* 18-Hole Medal (Handicap 19 & over)
Bert & Renee Price Memorial Trophy 18-Hole Mixed
Greensomes. Sunday afternoon only. Combined Handicap is (0.6 x
Lowest Handicap + 0.4 x Highest Handicap). See Note (j)
Bill Peach Shield For Most Improved Golfer. Full & Associate
Members only - Committee decision
Calthorpe Cup Foursomes. 1/2 combined Handicap difference
Captain’s Cup* 18-Hole Stableford open to Full & Associate
Members only. See Note (e). Full Handicap allowance
Chaplin Cup* 18-Hole Medal (Handicap 13-18)
Charles Ward Trophy Knock-out Foursomes (Handicap Max. 20).
Substitutes will not be allowed in this competition. 1/2 combined
Handicap difference
Clibbery Bowl* 18-Hole Stableford (Handicap 13-28)
Club Championship* Dr Nand-Lal Trophy 36-Hole Strokeplay
(Gross). (Handicap Max.18). Full, Associate & Junior Members
(cat 1 & 2). See Note (d)
Coronation Cup* 18-Hole Medal (Handicap Max.12)
Douglas Wright Trophy* 36-Hole Medal (Handicap Max.18). Full
& Associate Members only. See Note (d)
Dr Jain’s Trophy* 18-Hole Medal (Handicap Max.12)
Family Trophy Parent-Son/Daughter/Grandchild (Handicap Limit
36) Knock-out Match Play. Handicap Allowance 90% difference.
Afternoons/Evenings only
Festival Cup* 18-Hole Medal (Handicap 13-18)
Five Club Challenge 18-Hole Stableford (full h/cap). Max. of 5
clubs, one of which MUST be a putter. Played off yellow markers
Glynne Morris Cup* 18-Hole Medal (Handicap 13-20). Open
Great Barr Trophy 18-Hole Individual Strokeplay Pairs
Competition. Aggregate scores. Enter in pairs - no requirement to
play together. Pairs cannot play as a two ball (No advice or assistance)
Holt Cup (Ladies Invitation Mixed Competition) 18-Hole Mixed
Greensomes. Sunday afternoon only. Combined Handicap is (0.6 x
Lowest Handicap + 0.4 x Highest Handicap). See Note (j)
John York Trophy Best Gross Score in any Gents Stroke Play
Competition during twelve months November-October. Full &
Associate Members only
Jubilee Salver* Knock-out Scratch Competition. Entry
qualification Maximum Handicap 20
Ladies v Gents 18-Hole Match Play. Full and Associate
Members only
Lamb Trophy* 18-Hole Medal (Handicap 19 & over)
Maljohn Trophy* 18-Hole Stableford (Handicap Max.12)
Masters’ Trophy 18-Hole Medal. Monthly Medal & Trophy
Winners only. See Note (c)
Monthly Medals* 18-Hole Medals. Full & Associate Members.
Re. Juniors see Junior Notes
Morgan Bowl* 18-Hole Medal (Handicap Max.12). Open
New Season’s Cup* 18-Hole Medal. The first best 16 & equal
scores (net) to qualify for knock-out. See Note (b). Leading
qualifier to represent club in the Virgin Atlantic Trophy
Phil Mathews Trophy* Knock-out Match Play (Handicap 10-18
only). Full, Associate & 5 Day Members may enter
President’s Bowl* 18-Hole Stableford (full h/cap). Full &
Associate Members only
R D Taylor Trophy* Knock-out Match Play (Handicap 19-&
over only). Full, Associate & 5 Day Members may enter
Rollings Cup* 18-Hole Bogey Competition
Scratch Aggregate Cup Best Aggregate of any four Monthly
Medal cards during twelve months November-October. Full &
Associate Members only
Sneader Trophy* 18-Hole Medal. The first best 8 & equal
scores (net) to qualify for knock-out. See Note (b)
Sponsored Pairs Trophy Competition format to be decided by
the sponsor
St. George’s Day Trophy* 18-Hole Stableford (full h/cap)
St. Margaret’s Cup 18-Hole Mixed Alliance Better Ball.
Sunday afternoon only. Handicap Allowance 90%
Veteran’s Cup* Knock-out Match Play. Min. age 60 on
1st January this year. (full h/cap). Full & 5 Day Members
* = Masters’ Trophy Qualifier
Autumn Cup 18-Hole Stableford handicap individual full h/cap off
yellow markers
Bob Eden Cup 18-Hole Individual Knockout full h/cap difference
match play full h/cap off yellow markers
*Bunny Staples Cup 18-Hole Stableford handicap individual
full h/cap off yellow markers
( *Overall winner of the Seniors Open)
Handicap Cup 18-Hole Medal stroke play individual off yellow
markers full h/cap
**J Pinson (Age 70 +) 18-Hole Stableford handicap individual full
h/cap off yellow markers
(**Best three scores to count out of the six rounds)
***J Pinson 1 (Age 55 to 69) 18-Hole Stableford handicap
individual full h/cap off yellow markers
(***Best three scores to count out of the six rounds)
Jock Watters Cup 18-Hole Stableford handicap individual full h/
cap off yellow markers
Lambert Bowl 18-Hole Pairs Knockout 90% handicap difference
match play full h/cap
Past Captains Medallion 18-Hole Stableford handicap individual
full h/cap off yellow markers
Peter Ellis Cup 18-Hole Pairs Knockout Greensomes combined h/
cap is (0.6 x lowest + 0.4 x Highest h/cap)
Senior Captains Cup 18-Hole Stableford handicap individual full h/
cap off yellow markers
Senior Masters Lamb Cup 18-Hole Stableford handicap individual
full h/cap off yellow markers
Spring Trophy 18-Hole Stableford handicap individual full h/cap
off yellow markers
All above winners qualify for the Senior Masters
a) The Committee reserves the right to declare null and void any
Competition including a Divisional Medal in which there are
less than 20 entries.
b) Individual Monthly Medals and Trophy Competitions
Divisions of Sweeps
Handicaps: 0-12 (1st Div)
Handicaps:13-18 (2nd Div)
Handicaps:19 & over
The value of sweep subscribed by each Division will be
divided as follows:
1st 2/3 2nd 1/3
In the event of a tie for first or second place sweep will be
shared accordingly.
Pairs Competitions The value of sweep subscribed will be
divided as follows:
1st 2/3 2nd 1/3
In the event of a tie for 1st and 2nd place sweep will be
shared accordingly.
NB - For the Two Qualifying Competitions i.e. New Season’s
Trophy and Sneader Trophy, the value of the sweep will be
paid to the Leading Qualifiers. 1st 2/3, 2nd 1/3 in the event
of a tie the sweep will be shared accordingly.
Bogey Full handicap
Medal Full handicap
Stableford Full handicap
4 Ball Betterball- Strokeplay Each partner receives 90% of full
4 Ball Betterball- Stableford Each partner receives 90% of full
4 Ball Betterball - Matchplay Back marker concedes strokes to
other 3 players based
on 90% of difference between the
full handicaps
Foursomes Matchplay 1/2 difference between combined
handicaps of each side
Greensomes Combined handicap is (0.6 x Lower
handicap + 0.4 x Higher handicap)
Winter Medal Format (November-March).
1 Division for Saturday and 1 Division for Sunday. 1 Medal
winner for each day.
Summer Medal Format (April-October).
2 Day competition - 3 Divisions. 3 Divisional Medal Winners
for each month.
c) Masters’ Trophy All Divisional Medal Winners during
April-October and the Best Nett Scores returned November-
March Medals on Saturday/Sunday Competitions, along with
winners of Trophies marked with an asterisk in the
competition index will qualify for this competition (All
Qualifiers must be a full 7 Day Gent or an Associate Member
and also a Great Barr Member to play in this Competition)
Winners of Qualifying Round for Knock-out Competitions do
not qualify for this Competition.
The Best Aggregate of Three Midweek Medals Cards and the
Best Aggregate of Three Midweek Stableford Cards Will
Both be Masters Qualifying**
**Winners Must Be A Full Gent Or An Associate To Play
In Masters.
Although the above Competitions are being run over three
members can only enter each competition once.
All competitions to be played off white markers, register with
Professional and return all cards and enter scores in the
d) Club Championship Members eligible to play in this
Competition should enter their names and current Handicap
on list which will be posted on Notice Board. Draw for
partners and starting times will be arranged. In the event of a
tie after 36 holes, a play off will take place the same day. 3
holes - 10th, 17th and 18th. Stroke play - If required
‘Sudden Death’. Entries will be limited to 60 lowest and
equal (exact) handicap players, including a maximum of 10
Juniors. Only active Handicap members may enter.
Douglas Wright Trophy - entries restricted as for Club
e) Captain’s Day Full playing gentlemen and associate
members only. In the event of this competition being over
subscribed length of club membership will be taken into
f) Veterans Cup, R D Taylor and the Phil Mathews Trophy.
Entry to these competitions is via the Club professional by
signing the competition book with payment of an entry fee.
NB. R D Taylor Trophy Veterans Cup and the Phil Mathews
Trophy; all 5 day members may enter these competitions
g) Handicaps Allocation Members with no handicap will be
required to return 3 cards (over 18 holes), from yellow
markers. The handicap shall then be fixed by the Club
according to EGU Clause 15.
h) Trophy Competitions In the event of a tie the
winner will be decided on an 18-Hole play-off taking the
form of the respective Competition, e.g. Stroke Play,
Stableford, Bogey, etc. All other competitions, e.g. Monthly
Medals, Running Alliances, Captain’s Cup, Opens,
Invitations, Mixed Competitions, etc. will be decided by rule
of Committee. Trophy Competitions - Knock-out Match
Play In the event of a tie in any round of these
Competitions, the result will be decided by a ‘Sudden Death’
play-off. Strokes received or given as per allocation (except
Winter League).
i) Mixed Competitions Rule 7 of the R & A Rules will apply.
Substitutes will not be allowed except those named as
reserves.In the event of a tie the winners will be decided on
j) All Trophy and Medal Competitions (Apart from the Five
Club Challenge)including Knock-out Match Play
Competitions will be played from Back Medal Tees (White
Markers). All other competitions off yellow markers.
Knock out Trophy competitions are to be played
preferably on weekdays, but can be played after 10.30am
on a Saturday & Sunday to ensure deadline dates to
be achieved. Delays by either party will not be acceptable
and must be reported to M&H committee at least 7 days
prior to round end date. Failure to do so may result in
both parties being disqualified. Ladies and Juniors will
continue to have their existing priority on the tee and
consideration must be given to other members who are
not playing in a competition.
k) Junior Members Eligibility to play in Gents -Ladies
Competitions. (See Junior Section Notes.)
l) Gents Invitation (Gents Competition) Substitutes for Full
Members will be permitted.
All members entering competitions must see their names are entered in the
Competition Book before competing.
Any member whose subscription is in arrears of two months cannot enter a
Club competition.
All members playing in qualifying competitions must ensure their scores
are entered into the computer and score cards returned to Competitions
Committee whether or not complete.
Members who play in qualifying competitions at other clubs must return
their score cards or a signed note giving the required
information immediately to the Club Secretary.
Note: Failure to report Qualifying Scores returned AWAY from the
HOME Club (including no return) is likely to lead to a suspension of the
player’s handicap.
Competitors are responsible for seeing that their score cards are
properly marked, signed and countersigned and correct handicap is
entered before being handed in.
This Golf Club will follow the guidelines as approved by the EGU and the
All players not entering 3 handicap qualifying competitions in a calendar
year will be deemed ‘inactive’ at the start of the following year. Any
‘inactive’ player may become ‘active’ by entering 3 qualifying competitions
in that same calendar year.
‘Inactive’ players will be allowed to take part in Monthly Medals and other
‘Board ‘ Trophy competitions, for the sole purpose of acquiring ‘active’
status. Entry to all knock-out competitions, Club Championship, Captains
Day, Gents Invitation and Open Competitions will not be permitted without
‘active’ status.
This will not prevent anyone from playing any form of social or noncompetitive
‘Inactive’ players who take part in qualifying competitions will be barred
from winning the competition or from accepting sweep money (‘Twos’ are
excepted). No entry fee will be paid by ‘inactive’ players, but they will be
required to enter the competition through the Professional as normal.
The Handicaps Committee reserve the right to adjust or amend competition
entry regulations as it sees fit.
1. If the course is open, the match listed for that date should be
2. If one or either of the partnership is unable to play, a substitute
can be used and the joint handicap will not exceed the listed
maximum for that division.
3. If a substitute cannot be found, the one remaining member of
the partnership will contest the game on his own, receiving full handicap
4. If the match is not played, then Handicaps and Competitions
Committee reserve the right to determine the outcome of the
5. A substitute cannot be a member of another Winter League
6. The top two teams from each division will play a knock-out
competition to decide the winner of the Albert Smith Memorial
Local rules additional to those on scorecard are posted on the Notice Board
and it is the players’ responsibility to read them before commencing play.
1st and 10th tees only. Players completing 9 holes must alternate with
players starting from either of these tees. No play to commence from the
10th tee between 09.00-12.00 on Saturday & Sunday.
1. On the tees be ready with a club, ball and tee peg when it is
your turn to play.
2. Mark the flight and finish of your ball, so that the minimum
time is spent in locating it, off the fairway. Do the same for
your playing partners.
3. Leave your trolley and/or clubs at a point at the side or rear
of the greens nearest to the next tee.
4. Do not idle along between shots. Keep up with match in
5. On the greens be aware of your turn to putt. If you are the
first to putt out be ready to replace the flagstick.
6. Do not mark score cards standing on the greens. This
should be done whilst waiting your turn to take your next tee
7. If there is any doubt as to where your ball has landed and
may be difficult to find, or possibly is Out of Bounds
– play a provisional ball.
In the interests of all, players should play without delay. No player should play
until the players in front are out of range. Players searching for a ball should
signal the players behind them to pass as soon as it becomes apparent that the
ball will not easily be found; they should not search for five minutes before
doing so. They should not continue play until the players following them have
passed and are out of range.
When the play of a hole has been completed, players should immediately leave
the putting green.
No one should move, talk or stand close to or directly behind the ball or the hole
when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.
The player who has the honour should be allowed to play before his
opponent or fellow competitor tees his ball.
Before leaving a bunker, a player should carefully fill up and smooth over all
holes and footprints made by him/her.
Through the green, a player should ensure that any turf cut or displaced by him/
her is replaced at once and pressed down and that any damage to the putting
green made by the ball is carefully repaired. Damage to the putting green
caused by golf shoe spikes should be repaired on completion of the hole.
Players should ensure that, when putting down bags, or the flagstick, no
damage is done to the putting green, and that neither they nor their caddies
damage the hole by standing close to it, in handling the flagstick or in
removing the ball from the hole. The flagstick should be properly replaced in the
hole before the players leave the putting green.
Practice is not allowed on the golf course.
With the exception of medical emergencies, the use of mobile phones is
permitted only in the following areas:
The Car Park
The Cloakroom
The Locker Room
The Professional’s Shop
Mobile phones that are switched on must be set on ‘silent’. Under no
circumstances should a mobile phone ring out anywhere in the club, nor should
outgoing calls be made other than in the designated areas.
Buggies may be used during general, club and open competitions without any
medical evidence being required to support the use of a buggy, this is in
accordance with R&A rule 2.14. The buggy may be used by two players
whether it is a singles or doubles competition.
The one exception will be for the 36 hole Club Championship competition,
where a buggy can be used, but requires a medical certificate to support the use
of a buggy.
PRIORITY ON THE COURSE (R&A 2016, Section 1- Etiquette page 28)
“Unless otherwise determined by the Committee, priority on the course is
determined by a group’s pace of play. Any group playing a whole round is
entitled to pass a group playing a shorter round. The term “group” includes a
single player.”
1. ABE Foursomes - Half combined handicap. No substitutes
allowed, only reserves.
2. Alliance Cup - 18 hole betterball - Handicap Allowance 90%
(no substitutes allowed other than reserves from original draw).
3. A M Williams - Texas Scramble, teams of three (handicaps
to be low, medium and high in each team).
4. Bert & Rene Price Trophy - (mixed competition) 18 hole
mixed Greensome, Sunday afternoon only - Combined
Handicap is (0.6 x Lowest Handicap + 0.4 x Highest Handicap)
5. Calthorpe Cup - Foursome matchplay - 1/2 combined
handicap difference.
6. Captain’s Cup (Charles Heeley Qual) - medal round.
7. Captain’s Team vs Ladies - matchplay.
8 Daily Mail Foursomes - enter in pairs.
9. Edna Saunders Trophy - medal round. If a tie, winner will
be decided on count back.
10. Gladys Lunn Trophy - Bogey competition - full handicap.
If a tie, winner will be decided on count back.
11. Grandmother’s Cup - 18 hole stableford competition -
should a tie occur winner will be decided on count back.
12. Great Barr Trophy/Marlow Cup - medal round - best 8
nett scores qualify to play in the Marlow knock-out competition.
13. Hazel Williams Trophy - stableford - full handicap.
14. Holt Cup (Ladies Invitation Mixed Competition) - 18 hole
Greensome. Sunday afternoon only Combined Handicap
is (0.6 x Lowest Handicap + 0.4 x Highest Handicap)
15. Ladies vs G.B.O.B. - 16 hole Alliance - Handicap Allowance 90%.
16. Ladies vs Juniors - matchplay - strokes taken off the lowest
handicap of team - then Handicap Allowance 90%.
17. Lambert Bowl (Lady & 2 Gents) - Any 2 scores to count on
each hole. Handicap Allowance 90%. Ladies play off Ladies
stroke index.
18. St, George’s Day Trophy Stableford, teams of three-two scores to
count-full handicap.
19. Medal Winners Trophy - any player who has won a medal
during the previous 12 months. Should more than one lady
have the same score, winner will be decided on count back.
This trophy has 2 winners - silver and bronze.
20. St Margaret’s Cup (Mixed Competition) -18 hole alliance -
Handicap Allowance 90%.
21. Margaret Trophy (McTier Qual) - stableford competition,
full handicap. Two qualifiers go forward for the McTier -
silver and bronze division
22. President’s Trophy - stableford competition - full handicap.
If there is a tie, winner will be decided on count back.
23. Pittaway Cup - medal round - in case of tie, winner will be
decided on count back.
24. Past Captain’s Salver - immediate past captain to arrange -
stableford competition, full handicap. Current captain asked
to play but cannot win the salver.
25. Val Matthews - matchplay.
26. Vets Trophy - medal round (players must be aged 55 or
over to play)
27. Trophy Winners - medal round, in case of a tie, winner will
be decided on count back.
28. Captain’s Team vs Vice Captain’s Team - 4 ball matchplay
- Handicap Allowance 90%.
29. Ladies Christmas Stableford - played over 14 holes
(dependant on weather), stableford competition.
30. Family Trophy - (parent-son/daughter/grandchildren).
Handicap limit 36. Knockout matchplay. Handicap Allowance
90%. Afternoon/evenings only.
1. 3 or more players required to enter a cup competition or it is to
be considered null and void and played at a later date.
2. Knock-out competitions to be played in accordance with Competition
Notes item (j)
3. If you are not eligible to play in a married couples competition,
ladies may tee off at 11.30 am on the day of the competition.
4. Gents are eligible to mark Ladies cards in competitions.
5. If the course is declared closed on day of competition then the
competition considered null and void and will be re-arranged to
the next available date (if possible).
6. If on the day of a competition no players have signed to play the
competition and the course is declared open, then where possible
the competition will be re-arranged for the next available date
(including changing to a Saturday if needed).